Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Few Do's For Rufflecon

I have a fairly difficult time with my real hair and since Rufflecon is only T~minus 34 days away, I've been feeling a creeping panic setting in. 

I don't really have as many Loli~able wigs as I'd like and I'm beginning to run out of time to purchase any but I've been creeping the comms and diving through a ton of pics, both recent GLBs and vintage hairstyle photos, and cataloging and trying them out with my real hair.

Now, my hair is by no means long and I may decide very suddenly to style some bangs at some point but regardless these are some of the more favorable styles that would work for both.

I feel like I've gotten better at doing this style of hair. I've been working at it wearing it to work but haven't sported it out to a meet up just yet.

The style on the left is more how it turns out if I curl it well. Braids are simple and I have a coord planned that would work well with it.

And this last one I've done with my real hair and like how it turns out too.

Well, that's what I've got for now, here's to more planning!

Madeline <3

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