About The Frill Seekers

About the Blog:

Welcome to our About  page! The Frill Seekers is a blog that documents one Lolita community's journey to their first Lolita convention.

About Michiru:

Michiru is a 29 year old Lolita who loves Sweet Lolita and some gothic styles and is slowly easing her way into classic. Currently she is working as a Call Center Associate and going to school part time for Japanese language Fluency. She loves Angelic Pretty, and Baby the stars shine bright. She has been into Lolita for 2 years just wearing it actively but has loved it since she picked up her first Japanese fruits book back in like late 90s. She also loves anime. She is also a mother to her daughter Erika, who is a little Lolita in training. 

About SweetOkashi:

SweetOkashi is a twenty-something Lolita who dabbles in the gothic, classic, and sweet sub-styles. While SweetOkashi is currently employed part time as a data analyst, she also keeps busy sewing and making accessories for her shop, Atelier Sucré.  SweetOkashi is the primary webmaster for the Frill Seekers, and enjoys web design, drawing,  baking, reading, and making her own clothing and accessories in her spare time.

About Madeline Hatter:

Madeline Hatter is another twenty-something Lolita, who proudly wears the fashion almost every day. Maddy's favorite brand is Baby The Stars Shine Bright, and she wears a variety of styles, including sweet, country, and classic. This Lolita works as a choreographer for a local drama program, and enjoys dance, music, and theatre. In her spare time, Madeline can be found watching horror movies, updating her Tumblr, sewing her own Lolita wardrobe, baking, and reading. 

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