About RuffleCon

So, what is this magical place that we keep rambling on about, and why are we so excited to get there? To quote RuffleCon's own website, "RuffleCon is a conference held in New Haven, CT devoted to followers of cute, elegant alternative fashion in the Northeastern USA." In other words, RuffleCon is a weekend for the frilly, ruffly, adorable, and elegant alternative fashionistas in the region to hang out, meet new people, go shopping, see panels and fashion shows, and come together as a unified community. While RC doesn't focus exclusively on Lolita fashion, it will have a strong focus on the fashion and is being run by several prominent members of the Lolita community. RuffleCon is essentially the second real Lolita convention in the United States, and the first one closest enough to our home comm (RI) for us to all attend.

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