Monday, February 17, 2014

Coord needs and wants

I've been bustling around my closet as of late trying to figure out what exactly I want to add to my wardrobe or what I absolutely need to round things out. This con gives me the perfect excuse and I'm already starting lists and I feel I do need quite a few things.

Okidoki, here is a short list of needs and wants:

★Shoes that will match up with a few coordinates, spat boots are one of them★
★Hair pieces: bonnets, head bows, floral and star barrets★
★Blouses: bell sleeves, Peter Pan collared, and pinks and creams★
★New stockings and socks★
★A sweetheart style wig from GLW★

I feel if I write out my needs I can separate them better into smaller groupings and decide what's a necessity and what is just a new piece I want. I'm certain by August Alice and Baby are going to release some new and amazing Halloween themed print that I'm going to go all goggly-eyed over that I'm going to want to buy all of so  I'm also trying to bide my time and spend carefully. In truth though, I'm not certain if that will change my coord line up for the con.

Some of the items I have plans to make, I need to build two bonnets and the star hair clips are going to be made as well which will be easy enough, I just need to get to the fabric and craft store. There are also a few dresses I have in the works that I basically need zippers and a few more things here and there to complete them before I can make blouses to go. I'm just hoping I get them done soon.

What are some things your looking to purchase in the near future? For specific coords or just want?

Well, I think that is enough of me rambling on, I'll write more soon and be a little more specific with my coords and maybe throw in a tutorial in as well.

Ciao frillies!

Lolitina Group

This is Madeline Hatter again, with another post for you!


For the con, I really wanted to get a little group together to do the popular single from Misako Aoki, Maepatsu Himeka. I'm super excited to do this, I've got a small group together and set up videos of the choreography in segments and planned schedules to learn and work it all out.

The group is excited so it simply makes me happy that they are just as much as I am. So far it's been a lot of fun.

I know it's not till October for the con, but we're really getting into the idea and I've got a little extra planning for it that I'm hoping to get into a Rufflecon panel, I'm just working out idea kinks before I go through with submitting.

I'll post little updates about this little group what we learn for the show and from each other.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day One Of OMG Rufflecon Planning

Hey there!

This is Madeline Hatter signing in for my first blog post for Frill Seekers!

This is to kind of document the journey a few of the Rhode Island Lolita's will take along the way to Rufflecon and in our lolita lives. I hope you'll enjoy what we all have to share.

I'm really excited for this conference and I want to go all the way with planning for it and will be looking at new things to experiment in my wardrobe, make up, and hair styles, and hopefully grow as a lolita.

I'm also super happy that my friends are all collaborating together to have a group blog about our trip and our planning. Yay!

I have about 4 different coords planned so far and I kind of want to keep them top secret for now but I can say that going for at least one fully handmade coordinate and then a the rest may more or less be a of handmade and brand.

I also say that because through the year new releases will come out and usually it's the Halloween theme prints that usually call my wallet out for a show down. 

I'm revving my sewing machines up, and getting more and more excited for RUFFLECON!

So, sit back, pour yourself a cup of tea, and enjoy Frill Seekers!

My Cords for Rufflecon

So I was thinking about what I should wear for Rufflecon, and a few thoughts came to mind and I think the most I know I would like to do is.

Melody Toys : From Angelic Pretty

Not sure what  collorway to get yet. But im Hoping its either Sax or Mint. Im not sure how I feel about the Red or pink and I dont like the black to much.



DONUTS! Yup thats right! I will own this dress and wear the F*** out of it. Come to think of it we should triplet it. * points at Lorie and Chiibiusa*

So other then that Im currently thinking about what to wear to the formal ball as well. Just not sure what I wanna do for that.

Love Michiru