Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day One Of OMG Rufflecon Planning

Hey there!

This is Madeline Hatter signing in for my first blog post for Frill Seekers!

This is to kind of document the journey a few of the Rhode Island Lolita's will take along the way to Rufflecon and in our lolita lives. I hope you'll enjoy what we all have to share.

I'm really excited for this conference and I want to go all the way with planning for it and will be looking at new things to experiment in my wardrobe, make up, and hair styles, and hopefully grow as a lolita.

I'm also super happy that my friends are all collaborating together to have a group blog about our trip and our planning. Yay!

I have about 4 different coords planned so far and I kind of want to keep them top secret for now but I can say that going for at least one fully handmade coordinate and then a the rest may more or less be a of handmade and brand.

I also say that because through the year new releases will come out and usually it's the Halloween theme prints that usually call my wallet out for a show down. 

I'm revving my sewing machines up, and getting more and more excited for RUFFLECON!

So, sit back, pour yourself a cup of tea, and enjoy Frill Seekers!

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