Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My Cords for Rufflecon

So I was thinking about what I should wear for Rufflecon, and a few thoughts came to mind and I think the most I know I would like to do is.

Melody Toys : From Angelic Pretty

Not sure what  collorway to get yet. But im Hoping its either Sax or Mint. Im not sure how I feel about the Red or pink and I dont like the black to much.



DONUTS! Yup thats right! I will own this dress and wear the F*** out of it. Come to think of it we should triplet it. * points at Lorie and Chiibiusa*

So other then that Im currently thinking about what to wear to the formal ball as well. Just not sure what I wanna do for that.

Love Michiru

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