Monday, April 14, 2014

Haul Post: Antaina Shoe Haul


I am excited to write to you about a semi-recent shoe purchase I made with Antaina.

Having never bought, owned, tried on tea parties or shopped on Taobao, things ran super smooth for me in almost all areas. (Minor miscommunication issue about two shoes that were the same exact style but two different sizes but I'll fill you in.) The shoes came in, all gorgeous and super comfortable to wear, and I've already picked out new ones for my next order.

Here is a sort of mock up guide for ordering:

I did mine as a group order that had started as a one person order, and due to one slight miscommunication slip there was a confusion with one shoe, so as they say, communication is key. Be sure to organize with friends first and not even bother to email until you are certain what shoe styles, colors, and sizes are needed.

I also listed everything in size groupings, if you have more than one size going into the order it may be best to have breaks between each set size, it doesn't matter to them who's are who's, they are dependent on all the other information.

So order by size and in centimeters, they will send a image of exactly what parts of your foot to measure.

Very easy to follow.

And to make things run smoother I listed the link of the shoe I wanted, then style if the particular shoe had a variation, color, then size. Truthfully this should make everything run super simple but like I said there were some issues.

I put the group order in running each girl's order in their own little sections. What I should have done was order sections by size and, if I wanted to be super careful not to confuse sizes with styles, within braketed sections. I put the same shoe style next to each other with two very very different foot sizes.

As for communication, they are fabulous, helping me with all my shipping and pricing questions. This was especially good since I was adding a few extra shoes. There were a few points wphere communication was a little difficult, but most of the hassle was from having different time zones, almost every email was answered a day or two after.

An~Tai~Na did try to clarify but I thought they were referring to the color of one shoe being pink and the other ivory. I was mixed up by grammar and bold font highlighting words that weren't as important as what they were trying to ask. 

The only other thing I could say was not what I hoped was the communication for the dispatch of the shoes. Both times I received my tracking info a day after it arrived, but honestly it was nice to receive the items that I wasn't bothered much by it other than having to work with my terrible post office...

Regardless of that little hiccup we were able to work together quickly and smooth things out and get back on track after. I got all the shoes after the discussed timeframe and they were all lovely! (with the proper shoe being made and shipped later.)

So if I were to rate this this is how I'd go:

Communication: 4/5 
Extremely professional, but with some communication issues due to minor grammar issues and time zone.

Dispatch Time: 4/5.
Probably my only real complaint was that they took longer than they said they would to ship out and didn't give me the tracking until after I got it.

Shipping: 5/5.
They did everything exactly as they said they would shipping and made suggestions as to what would work best.

Product: 6/5!
It exceeded expectation and the shoes were better than the pictures and the materials used were soft and comfortable after a day of decent walking.

I would absolutely buy from An~Tai~Na again without a doubt.

This is Madeline Hatter and I'll write more soon!

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